“I only smile in the dark”

“I was doing so well until the rains came…” sounds more like the start of a Young Adult genre novel1 than a commentary on my current mood, but it’s true. I am admitting that I’m that guy who gets a little blue when it’s undesirable to go outside or open the blinds. Not that I don’t love a rainy day, but after Winter/Spring (“WinterSpring”?) I get a little tired of contemplative cups of tea, Netflix binges, naps2 and the odd effort at cleaning that never really goes anywhere.

#fitness tracking apps crashed this morning so I made it a #photowalk instead. #exercise #goodmorning

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We had a good week or two of nice–and deceptive–Spring weather and I got out and about, getting back to my outdoor walking of 6 miles a day and once again I’m forced to admit that I’m that guy that gets a boost from exercise. It doesn’t fix all the world’s ills, but it’s enough that I don’t actually mind getting up around sunset and going for a walk when the city is still waking up. It also helps account for the fact that I might get hit by a mood swing later that day and sit on the couch all afternoon, so the day’s exercise is at least taken care of.


I think today may be better, but the last two days have been rainy and cool, not really cold. But definitely light jacket weather.

I just, finally, deleted my LiveJournal account. I haven’t posted there either live or via RSS feed in about 5 years, but it was time. I’ve long since imported all the posts over to this blog or its past incarnations and their recent purchase plus terms and conditions changes seem like it’s something I no longer want to mess with. But when I look at past entries, they were so LONG. I’d like to think that’s because I was less afraid to write, but it’s probably because what I was writing was pretty fluffy. In any case, I keep coming around to saying I want to write more. I have things in my head, but they don’t seem to make it to the text editor. I guess I have to stay on my own case to do better… and I will. :mrgreen:

1 Soon to become a major motion picture, of course.

2 This is a new one on me, as I’ve never really been good at naps.

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