snOMG2: believe the hype!

'snOMG' photo by Kim Baker (kimberly faye/flickr)

Calling it snOMG will never get old. Looking out the window this morning, OMG was the first phrase to come to mind. This snowstorm sort of started off with a bit of a whimper, the flakes were coming down, but the temperature wasn’t cold enough for anything to stick. Once it got dark, everything changed. The flakes started piling up, chunky wet flakes too, putting tree limbs and power lines in danger. Some friends saw lightning last night, upgrading this to thundersnow and at least a few friends are without power this morning.

If you simply can’t bear to stay inside today, the list of snowball fights has been updated and it looks like the city is pretty well covered!

Yesterday when we were all scoffing at the predictions and making fun of the panic, Mike Sica created a little snow promo for Snowzilla 2010. I’m thinking of turning it into a ringtone!

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  1. Esprix says:

    STAY IN. Totally not worth getting hit by a car since the only place to walk is in the damned street.

    I’m not sure if we got it worse or not down here, but snOMG is totally appropriate.
    .-= latest entry: Another weather update =-.

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