in DC: Snowpocalypse!

Snowy roads and sidewalks at 16th and Irving Sts in NW DC

So, it’s finally here. The big one. Woo. Hoo. That was snapped at 5:45 this morning. Michael and I were kinda skeptical about the snow last night and I woke up thinking “Oh there won’t be any big deal!” By the time I was dressed and heading out, it was like walking through an urban arctic tundra. No metro delays when I left, though Green Line trains headed north had tons of snow and ice on them when they arrived at my station.*

I’d probably be more enthusiastic about it if more places had actually closed today instead of just delayed/unscheduled leave. I’m sure most places are just afraid of President Obama calling us wimps again. But I’m here at the office, in jeans and my snow shoes** and it’s pretty much quiet/dead in here today. That’s fine by me as I can get a lot more done when there’s no one here. :mrgreen:

* Dear Metro, when it’s 21° outside, don’t keep your trains and stations at such toasty temperatures. Your riders will start steaming in their own juices and it ain’t pretty.

** By snow shoes, I mean my most battered pair of Kenneth Coles. Every year one sturdy pair is designated as the scuffable, soakable, saltable shoes that will see me through DC’s snowy/icy/rainy seasons.

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3 Responses

  1. I miss those 2 Hour Delay or Liberal Leave days. Back in the day they were alot more frequent. Mayor Williams had no hesitation to call Liberal Leave.

    I wish I was in DC today… I logged onto at around 3am your time and there was a nice blanket of snow already on the ground….I then turned onto WTOP on iTunes and listened to the closing reports…

    I was feeling nostalgic…

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  2. shindo says:

    I’ve refrained from posting weather pics on my blog as I know what kind of response I’d get. 😛

    You have to post a pic of those snowed up Kenneth Coles. I think the ghost of my pair is haunting some hotel out in Maryland. I miss them.

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  3. Lolypup says:

    Ah’ Calvin and his Tiger finally got their wish! One of the things I miss about DC is the East Coast weather, snow has always put a smile on this Texas boys face!

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