home: “Hey you! Pick up that poop!”

Notice in my apartment building advising residents to clean up after their dogs.

Behold, the power of blogging…

As you know, things got a little crappy around here with my rant on irresponsible dog owners. On my way home yesterday, it was getting worse as cars had driven through some of the piles now that those spots were no longer snowy/icy. Hooray! Tire-smeared poo! Since the majority of these spots are in the driveway and alley behind my building, I tend to suspect I’m sharing housing with a lot of lazy-ass dog owners. And these were large dog leavings, not tiny. I admit that one of my prime suspects is a K-9 unit officer who lives in the building–and often parks (illegally?) out back all the time. His canine partner is adorable and friendly, but very large… just sayin’. Still, on my way out this morning, I saw the above note taped to our main entry door. Clearly the maintenance staff isn’t trying to point any fingers, but are making it clear that they know it’s our residents that aren’t taking care of business, as it were.

I doubt this will stop the issues, especially if we really do get another bout of snowfall, but it sends a lesson. Even unfocused rants will be addressed by the universe! :mrgreen:

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2 Responses

  1. Mike (@tazz602) says:

    I love that. We had an ongoing similar issue at the mailbox (at our house) – since that strip is not visible from the main windows it was a crap shoot (pun intended) on catching them. The husband did though one Saturday and ran outside and made the guy pick up his dogs droppings. That ended it.

  2. Joe says:

    Did you know that dog droppings, after marinating in briney, melted snow and smeared by car tires, is just as slippery as ice? And just as difficult to see in the dark? And just as icky to wash off your butt when you land in it?

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