geek chic: The Colour Clock

As Morris Day never said, “What color (colour?) is it?!”

introducing the colour clock. an experimental project that represents the current time as a hexadecimal colour.

A very cute and colorful quickie on a gray, dreary and rainy Friday. I love clock-based screensavers, and the more stylish, the better. Since many of us leave our computers on all the time, it’s better that the screensaver serve some kind of purpose instead of just perpetually creating 3d pipes or bouncing fireworks around.

The Colour Clock, created by digital designer Jack Hughes, is one of the niftiest things I’ve seen online this week. My web design peers–as well as anyone that loves color–might also enjoy the geeky side of the clock that translates the current time to a color code. Click the bars beneath the time to switch back and forth between the current time and its hexadecimal counterpart. If you’re a Mac user (OS X 10.5 or 10.6), the screensaver is also available for download. Sorry Windows users! :mrgreen:

I’ll be happy when those “web-enabled” clocks and home devices can resolve webpages like this one. This would make a great bedside clock. Also, the design/sci-fi geek in me wonders if someone watched this clock enough, if they’d start to think of various times of day in terms of color, especially if they work in a windowless cube farm like so many out there. “Oooh, it just hit periwinkle again, I better get to the cafeteria to beat the rush!”

…ok, maybe not. TGIF, everyone! 😛

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