video: RTFM 2.0

I suppose it’s about time that the simple–yet timeless–phrase RTFM got a much-needed upgrade. I saw the tweet below shared by a friend, I checked it out and it’s brilliant.

The xda-developers internet forum/community has come up with a very creative way of tackling the problem that a lot of technical (and technical support) forums have–people who don’t know the rules, and probably to a lesser extent, don’t think the rules apply to them anyway. Whether they’re signing up to become a long-standing member or just signing up to get the solution to a problem they’re having right now, everyone checks the “I have read and understand the rules of this site” box, but few actually do it.

This video is a great way to not only encourage newbies/noobs to read and absorb the rules, but also gives them a clue of what kind of behavior they can expect to encounter should they heedlessly forge on ahead…

I wish there were something similar to send out to general internet users that aren’t quite so savvy and don’t understand why you won’t just look it up for them, or wonder if the link you sent them to LMGTFY was sent with more than a hint of snark and sarcasm. :mrgreen:

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