royalties to Rich Hall

WMATA decided to introduce some new sniglets in an ad campaign, and the DCist is skewering their choices and providing much more relevant ones of their own.

I read that Metro paid their ad agency 1.73 million dollars to come up with the four words… worth it? You be the judge.

PlanBdextrous: (plan-bi-dek-stres) adj. able to plan an alternate route home in case Metro is inaccessible due to unforeseen circumstances.

Sumpnspicious: (sump-en-spish-es) n. unattended package or odd, unusual behavior that is reported to a bus driver, train operator (via intercom at end of rail car), station manager or Metro Police at 202-962-2121.

Conseaterate: (ken-set-er-it) adj. thoughtful toward others who are more in need of a Metrorail or Metrobus seat.

Doorker: (dor-ker) n. person who crowds or blocks Metro doors, making it difficult for others to exit or enter promptly.

Yeah… I think I’ll stick to their actually cute line “Let’s be prepared, not scared.”

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