DC: Beat the Heat with a Free Frozen Treat!

There are two things I know people in DC love doing, one is griping about the heat and the other is getting free stuff. So how about a great way to combine both of those into one activity!

This week in DC, the Climate Reality Project is partnering with Pleasant Pops to provide a little relief from the heat by offering free frozen treats to help raise awareness about climate change.

The Pleasant Pops trucks will be touring the city at the locations listed below. To receive a free frozen treat, Washingtonians can show us their tweet or Facebook post using the hashtag #ImTooHot telling us how the extreme weather has been impacting their daily lives.

We will also have on-ground spokespeople available at both the truck and the site of a free-standing #ImTooHot interactive mural and the below listed locations.

Fans of ER will be happy to know that celebrity and committed social activist Gloria Reuben will be joining the truck on Thursday and Friday. Follow the Climate Reality Project and keep up with the conversation on twitter.

It’ll be just like running after the ice cream truck back in the day, except now the truck comes to you and you can pay with a tweet. Enjoy and keep cool!

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