in DC: Run Run Run!

Living in DC this long, I’ve seen plenty of people running for a train. I’ve been one myself from time to time when I know that it will be a heck of a long time before the next one arrives.

But since our office moved from near L’Enfant Plaza to near Navy Yard/Ballpark metro, I’ve noticed a trend of people running off the train. They often hover near the door when they board, refusing to budge even when there are people behind them still trying to get in, lest they lose their prime position. When the train stops at stations between them and their destination, they either try to ignore the fact that people might need them to move to board or they stare down the people like aliens that all of a sudden no longer understand that for someone to use the train, they have to get on the train.

Just this morning, I closed my book a little early to get ready for the train stopping and got a fairly good spot near the door without any fuss. That didn’t stop this dude from bursting out from behind me as if the train were on fire, nearly knocking me down to dash for the escalator.1 As I am typically in no hurry to get to work, I usually stand on the escalators and enjoy my time and music (and warmth) until reaching street level.

As it turned out, the rush didn’t end there and I saw a colleague diagonally jaywalk–at one of the more dangerous intersections–to get to the building. And for that co-worker, it’s a regular morning occurrence which makes me wonder “If you’re in that much of a hurry, consistently, why can’t you just get out of the house earlier?”

And these aren’t people dressed for retail/fast food jobs where I can remember getting chewed out for being late for an early morning shift. They’re dressed in office work gear and as this is usually between 6:30-7am, I can’t imagine that there’s someone tapping their foot and staring at a clock when they get into work saying “What time do you call this, then?” If so, sucks to be them, I guess.

Still, whatever your personal reasons for your stupid-ass hurry ain’t no cause to knock folks down who are just suffering through their commute same as you… 🙄

1 So… he was in a hurry to get out, but not so much of one that he’d run up the stairs. (Which is actually faster and more personal energy-efficient than running up the escalator.)

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  1. Esprix says:

    That’s called Nobody Else In The World But Me Syndrome.

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