video: um, what’s that number?

It’s inescapable and undeniable, this whole Call Me Maybe song thing. I avoided hearing it for the longest time, and when I finally did, I thought “This is some perfectly crafted pop, right here. Well done.”

Little did I know that every time I heard the song come up, usually via satellite radio when I’m in my apartment’s lobby at which point it becomes impossible to resist a little foot-tapping, maybe bopping my head up and down a bit and eventually singing aloud with “I threw a wish in the well…” DAMN YOU CARLY RAE JEPSEN!

Of course a little trip around YouTube shows that I’m not alone, but this one stood out among the many many others. So, y’know, just bless our men (and women) in uniform (and most certainly out of uniform)…

I hope everyone is all set for a very Happy Thanksgiving! :mrgreen:

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  1. Norman says:

    That was hot! 🙂

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