#firstürbproblems: Skim, not Skinny!

Starbucks cup with my name on it. Making sure to specify a “vanilla nonfat latte” instead of a “vanilla skim latte” at Starbucks for fear of being served a Skinny Vanilla latte.

Yes… that’s a thing.


Well it is for me, anyway. The other odd thing I have to do at the location near my office is let them know that I’m not ordering my “usual”, even though I’ve forgotten what that is anymore.1 For a while, I went daily and they’d have my drink order already made before I could get to the register, which was great… unless I wanted to change it up, or was getting coffee for myself and other folks. But for money and calorie reasons, I’ve cut back on my visits and sometimes am only going with co-workers for the fresh air.2

Still, I always say “nonfat” and it’s repeated back to me as “skim” and I keep a watchful eye on the Sharpie marker to make sure I see “N” in the Milk box instead of “SVL” in the Drink box. But hey, what’s life without a little morning Starbucks drama?

1 No, wait, it was a “Quad Venti Vanilla Nonfat Latte” because there’s no such thing as too many shots of espresso.

2 Since completing the weekly chemo/infusion treatments, I have a moment every morning where my stomach plays a little game I like to call “Hunger or Nausea?” If I’m skillful with a morning coffee, juice or snack, I can get ahead of it, but most days I time it wrong and coffee only makes it worse.

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