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Presented without comment.

Also… hi! It’s been a while.. again. I had honestly meant to make this year more of a “I’m going to write this year!” but that obviously didn’t happen. Immediately after Christmas, I came back to house and dog sit for someone, which turned from a planned week to about two weeks due to winter travel delays. While I was there, I ended up getting really sick and somehow ended up with the flu–the polar vortex probably didn’t help.

puppies But at least they were really cute puppies. And I was working remotely and never really 100% comfortable in a place that wasn’t mine, even with access to a car. I was temporarily sub-urban bohemian, and I can easily say that it didn’t suit me well. Which is interesting because my current suitor is suburban and well, we’re just going to see what happens when “the conversation” arises.

Suffice to say that I haven’t been suitably inspired to write anything more than “I’m sick.” or “It’s cold.” or “These puppies are adorable.” and all of that was posted to twitter! So I’ll crack my knuckles and write more. Not that I think much of anyone is reading this or paying attention. My blog is sort of the equivalent of The Onion article: Study: Average Person Becomes Unhinged Psychotic When Alone In Own House. And sometimes I’m amazingly ok with that.


So Happy New Year & MLK Day and in advance, happy Superbowl Sunday, upcoming Valentine’s Day and most importantly upcoming House of Cards Day!

And maybe a little side-comment to Macklemore, as I realize he’s very confused by what sort of behavior makes one gay: loving New York doesn’t make you gay, no need to say “no homo”. Saying “no homo” does make you a bit of an asshole, but I’m sure that’s neither here nor there, to you. :mrgreen:

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