Capital Fringe: Dracula… in DC?

It’s been a while since I’ve seen any live theater in DC. The last show I saw was “Looped” over 5 years ago, yikes! Not so great for someone who actually was a theater geek himself once upon a time. So when an opportunity to attend some of this year’s Capital Fringe shows1 presented itself, I was intrigued… and mostly excited.

Note: I’m a day late getting to this post, the festival started yesterday and tickets are on sale now. So if you’re interested in a show, get on that.

Dracula. A Love Story.

Dracula postcard Dracula, street name Vlad Tepes, is alive and flourishing in Washington, DC. The ancient predator feels right at home among K Street lobbyists.

For dinner, he can dine on any of the fresh kills provided by his butler Renfield.

Awash in a field of plenty, Dracula has one problem: his beloved bride, Mina, is dying and his sights are set on Lucy, a beautiful but bored graduate student.

Written by: Tim Treanor. Directed by: Christopher Henley and Jay Hardee.

It certainly seems to have all the classic elements of a Dracula story, and it also promises a tribute to “The Hunger”2 and other Dracula films. Besides, who better to be a beltway bloodsucker than Vlad the Impaler? Could probably teach Karl Rove and Dick Cheney a thing or two about devouring the beating hearts of your enemies…


Running time is about 90 minutes and it’s at Mountain – Mount Vernon United Methodist Church, 900 Massachusetts Ave NW.

Performances are: July 12 at 3:45pm, July 18 at 10:30pm, July 20 at 6:15pm,
July 24 at 8:15pm and July 26 at 10:45pm. Tickets available online and at the venue.

1 As PRESS, no less!
2 Coincidentally, the movie I watched on my first real date.
Y’know, with a man.

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