health: unremarkable

Just a few snippets from my recent PET-CT scans. I have honestly never before been so content with with the word “unremarkable” being applied to me.

  • Unremarkable neck.
  • Unremarkable study. Specifically, the subcutaneous abnormal soft tissue seen on the regional CT is no longer present.
  • No evidence of metastatic disease in the chest, abdomen or pelvis.
  • No scan evidence of metabolically active tumor.

Other highlights note that I’ve been getting these scans on a somewhat regular basis since May 2010, which lines up with my rather informal records and I’m getting a lot better than I thought I’d ever need to be at reading medical reports.

image: Rugby World Cup 2011 Countdown Clock

But all medical jargon aside, the long and the short of it is that as it stands right now, I’m in the clear. So while I hesitate to use the word remission just yet, let’s at least start the clock and hope that my scans continue to remain just as unremarkable for a long while, or forever. Y’know, whichever comes first. :mrgreen:

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