So, um… no. Just, no. Not that I don’t think personalized license plates can be cool, nerdy, appropriate, pop cultural and all that, but seeing this on a truck on our way back from a morning walk? NO.

MAN UP - DC license plate

Just as I was writing this, a Facebook friend posted a picture of a product he spotted while out shopping.

Q-tips for MENCan you imagine a group of marketing gurus at Unilever saying, “How can we market Q-tips® specifically to men? We’ll call it the Men’s Ultimate Multi-Tool! Perfect!” Because people haven’t already figured out the uses for Q-tips® so we have to needlessly gender the product.

Can you imagine someone’s son, boyfriend or husband who put those on their parent’s, partner’s or spouse’s shopping list grabbing the package, seeing it’s pink1 or blue and saying “Aw, you got me the GIRL ones!”

Ridiculous. 🙄

1 Because there are also packages out there branded specifically for women as “for beauty”, when it’s the same product.

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