sign of the apocalypse #1,143

Oprah, Rachael Ray plan a daytime blitz
TV cooking’s perky face gets Winfrey-approved push into the spotlight

David Letterman will not be chanting, “Oprah, Rachael, Oprah, Rachael” anytime soon. Then again, I didn’t expect Tyra Banks’ show to be good and I really enjoy it when I catch it, and Ray obviously has the fan base built up, whether it’s people wanting to cook in 30 mins (not actually able to themselves, but probably getting a vicarious thrill from watching that perky little bitch manage it) or the guys that recall her FHM layout.

Still, with Oprah getting on in years, and picking younger woman to run new talk shows… it’s starting to sound a little too much like the plot of “All of Me”. Or Rachael offering Oprah a drink at dinner and Oprah responding, “I don’t drink… wine.” Perhaps we can look forward to a whole bevy of new talk shows produced by King World with younger and younger hosts. Oprah will never die, even with Tom Cruise’s efforts, she shall live on through (as) her protegés.

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