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Something we used to say about dating back in my 20’s when we thought we would be young forever and eternally clever. “To get with me, a man must have the 5 -tion’s: education, occupation, habitation, transportation, and… erection.” The last being distinctly punctuated ee-reck-SHUN.1

Many times over the years, I’ve forgotten the exact number of the -tion’s, and even now, I’m not sure that we didn’t have more than 5. But while eating lunch a moment ago, it came back into my head and then I remembered the -tion song from The Electric Company and thought, “Yep, that’s how my brain works.” You get your queer sass and your nerdy grammar all in one!2

And now, while I have only 3 (maybe 4) out of the 5 requirements, I look back on how silly we were. But that whole “forever young” thing? We were dead on about that… maybe. :mrgreen:

1 Turns out we weren’t alone in our cleverness.

2 However, watching the video now, I realize it had a lot less to do with grammar and spelling and was really more of a not-so-thinly veiled message about teaching kids that pollution is bad.

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