what’s next, fag and jew jokes?

Didn’t sleep too well last night, so took the day off today and will try to get some cleaning and tidying done.

Also watching “Fat Actress” and yeah, it’s a little on the edge of .. well it’s good that it’s on cable. The first episode has Alley sitting around with her stylist and assistant after seeing a Star cover and saying, “How about seeing a woman? No, you need a black man!” – so they go trolling for a black man. It definitely bordered on offensive. I have to watch the second episode to see if it gets worse, hopefully they were just pushing things for the premiere.

It’s like watching Wanda Does It.. it mixes a little too much reality with fantasy, I mean Kirstie’s real, but her agent and assistant are both MadTV alums. It has potential because, well, the double standard for weight in hollywood between men and women does suck, just so long as she doesn’t make herself look too foolish and lose the message. But hey, it’s on Showtime, it’s not like they care what people actually think of the programming, this ain’t the UK.

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