personal: my weird brain

We’re all slaves to it, but none of us can really explain why it does what it does… unless you’re a neuroscientist, in which case… wow. But just this past week, I was reminded yet again that my brain just works in mysterious, and frustratingly deliciousness-denyingly ways.

Pete's New Haven Pizza

Last week I had been craving pizza–among other things–and hadn’t yet indulged. So on my telework, I was looking online, thinking about Seamless when I thought about Pete’s New Haven Pizza nearly next door. I hadn’t had it in a long time and at some point, my brain had convinced me that I didn’t like it. Which is ridiculous, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I ordered it a lot with the ex, and maybe not only do I associate it with those times, but we also went on the hardcore fitness binge1 for a while. So maybe it was a lingering effect of willpower, but that didn’t stop me ordering/buying pizza from other places. It was like I had a mental blind spot for Pete’s, which was silly since I walk past it on a regular basis and… it’s really good.

Pete's New Haven Pizza

I mean, really good. So while I’m glad that whatever mental block I had for it is gone, it makes me wonder what else have I been avoiding or denying myself because it holds a randomly linked association with something.2

In any case, Pete’s is once again welcome in The Swanktuary, and there has been much rejoicing.

1 Pizza, burgers and nachos were out, salads and boneless/skinless chicken breasts were in. Ugh…

2 Or maybe it was the radiation that knocked the thoughts out of my head, who knows?

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