Sweet! (potato)

Sweet potato pie!I’ve learned my lesson, the old ways are often better. Since my Saturday was so full of exciting plans (I needed to go out for light bulbs) I decided I’d continue the T’giving theme and make a sweet potato pie. I’d had success with the pre-cut and -washed greens from Glory, so I thought I’d try a pie “the easy way”. I used a premade crust and canned sweet potatoes, unfortunately I also had to make a white/brown sugar substitution which I feel truly doomed the project. The pie wasn’t bad, actually, but needed time in the fridge before it really set. Canned sweets are more stringy than if I’d baked and sliced my own, and the crust wasn’t bad (I’m sure my aunt uses premades) but it certainly didn’t taste like homemade. I’ll have to try again, perhaps with canned yams instead and a real crust (once I find a space to roll it out). But back to the exciting part, light bulbs! I realized that light bulbs are clearly not a concern to most people. Of course I don’t have fast access to a Homo Depot, but the little store down the street from me didn’t have the brand I liked, just some generic brand on the shelf, and another store along my walk to 17th street didn’t have what I wanted either. Thank goodness for the gayborhood! I like GE Reveal bulbs and I’m not ashamed of it, all light bulbs are not created equal.

I finally managed to get what I need and my house is once again bright. Though with this odd weather, that’s really not much of a problem most of the time. I know it’s in the 40s in the mornings, but with the sun coming into my windows, my place is like a sauna. And being on the top floor, all the building’s heat rises. It can be nice at times, but when I was making dinner the other night, it was killing me. I joked with Bobby that I needed a good apron so I could cook in my boxers and be assured of adequate coverage (oil spatters hurt!). Still I’m ready to put on coats and sweaters and bundle up a bit, it’s hard to plan for these mid 60s afternoons and evenings when it’s freaking NOVEMBER. Last year this time we’d already had snow. This weather’s throwing off my entire wardrobe, damnit!

Since J was out of town for the holidays, we got together yesterday on a sort of “let’s get out and about” day. We had a few things in mind to do, but for the most part we just walked and made it up as we went along. Breakfast on 17th, over to Sur La Table at Friendship Heights an attempt to see Casino Royale up that way was foiled but we managed to make the show over at Gallery Place and let me tell you — freakin’ awesome film. I’d definitely go see it again, and if it’s still playing for xmas, I’ll get my father to go with me when I visit. There’s no doubt Craig can pull off Bond quite well and it was a good idea to set him in a new movie, but at the beginning of Bond’s career as a Double-0. He’s got an unchecked ego and is a bit rough around the edges. There were some moments where it felt a bit like watching Enterprise vs the rest of the series though, but nothing the mind can’t reconcile with after movie drinks. And the usual and not so usual sponsors were there, Sony (electronics and Blu-Ray), Virgin (as well as a brief cameo of Richard Branson getting wanded by airport security), Omega, Smirnoff, Ford and Aston Martin, of course. No Perrier or Heineken this time around tho, oh well. I am really looking forward to the next Bond film.

I was pretty news free this weekend, choosing to be a domestic diva, so I’m catching up on a few things this morning:

With a few new music acquisitions, today’s theme is … Sambossanovica (samba + bossa nova + electronica… it works): Jet Sounds Revisited, Ursadelica, Essential Lounge: Brazil, Freedom Jazz Dance and Koop Island. That should keep me grooving throughout the day.

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