in DC: Our City Festival

A friend and I usually hang out on Saturdays–starting with brunch, of course–and then wander into the city for adventures and/or shenanigans. We’ve been trying to do new things, because new things are fun. Not that going to familiar places isn’t fun, but in a city this large, it’s too easy to fall into ruts and routines.

While looking up the goings on for this weekend, I noticed the Our City Festival, definitely something new with the added benefit of many of the events being free!

The Our City Festival is a celebration of DC through film, music and literature run by DC based PR firm KRPR, in partnership with the DC Public Library Foundation. Bringing together the diverse communities of Washington, DC, the weekend-long event will encourage people to learn more about their city and neighbors through the arts. By showcasing films that are about or take place in DC and hosting curated performance and interactive shows featuring the sounds, sights and tastes of our city, the festival seeks to strengthen DC’s unity while embracing its diversity, and celebrate its creative communities past, present and future.

Each event during the Our City Festival will have a central focus specific to D.C. This year’s four events will center around D.C.’s Ethiopian culture, the history of Hand Dancing in the District, a literary and musical showcase featuring local ex-convicts, and the role Washington’s waterways play in shaping and reshaping communities.

All events are free with registration (before or at event) except for films screened at Goethe Institut (June 5-7) which require a ticket or all access pass.

A lot of the events look good with the added benefit of some of them taking place in DC-area libraries which, admittedly, I should visit a lot more often than I do. Still, it’s definitely be something to consider adding to the to-do list for this weekend! :mrgreen:

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