video: Saturday Morning Slow Jams

Because you know what you needed to start off your week? 90s R&B slow jam versions of cartoon theme songs.

Yes, really.

Told ya. I saw the above video on a friend’s Facebook page and learned there were more on YouTube. And I just had to… I. HAD. TO.

Saturday Morning Slow Jams DuckTales, The Transformers, Muppet Babies, Sailor Moon (which is particularly good), TMNT, Animaniacs, and more… it’s all there, y’all.

I’ll close this entry with the video that I simply have to, but you can see the full album’s videos on Scott Bradlee’s YouTube playlist, or buy the tracks on iTunes.

I love that the versions are very faithful to the theme tunes, and not trying to be ridiculous parodies. I had both the “Saturday Morning: Cartoons’ Greatest Hits” and “Schoolhouse Rock! Rocks” albums back in the day, but those were much more rock/pop focused, so it’s fun to see this go in another direction completely.

In any case, be ye Brony or be ye not, I hope you had a magical weekend and enjoy the tunes! :mrgreen:

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