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CommitStrip comic. When you get a screenshot from a co-worker, you can't help examining every detail.

We’ve all done it. Especially when someone is using their desktop for a video tutorial or sharing it in a streaming meeting. And the best is when they don’t turn off their instant messenger apps.

Any time I get a screenshot from a client because a web page isn’t working or with edits to documents or frankly for any number of reasons that they really shouldn’t have sent me a screenshot at all but instead should have just e-mailed me the problem… I’m going to be a Nosey Parker!

And don’t ever send me a screenshot of a web page, because you should always close out other tabs and hide your bookmarks bar before sending someone a screenshot. But also, I’m a web developer, if you tell me something is wrong with a web page, chances are I don’t need a screenshot from your computer to fix it. If I were to go back to some of the largest messages in my work Inbox right now, they’d be full dual-monitor screenshots from a customer who basically just needs to be shown how to clear their cache.

Seriously, about 95% of my customer inquiries just result in me telling them how to clear their cache. And… I’d best get back to it. Happy Hump Day, y’all! :mrgreen:

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