Living Tomato Ripeness Chart

tomato vine showing varying stages of ripeness

From Reddit by way of Boing Boing, this is a perfect tomato ripeness chart. Or tomato audio meter. Or a tomato-based video game health bar…

I haven’t talked about my garden much this year but my cherry tomatoes did return, even though I didn’t expect them to blossom at all since I didn’t actually dispose of last year’s soil and plant new ones. I just turned over the planter’s soil from last year, mixed in a little plant food and waited to see what happened. In the other planter, I put a bunch of herbs which quickly turned into an overgrown jungle, but my dishes and infusions have really benefited. from it.

About the only interesting thing I managed this year was killing mint. Seriously, my mint died. One of my gardening sins is that I used to over-water so now I’m at the other extreme, I often forget to water my plants. So the plants in the planters are just fine because they have reservoirs and wheels so I can move them into the rain. But the little pots are on their own. My lemon balm snapped back a little bit, but the other mints are dried up, poor things.

Maybe next year I’ll pay a little more attention to my gardening, watering and tending, but honestly it’s just the fun of growing stuff that does it for me. Especially the herbs. Going outside when I need some fresh air and running my hands through aromatic herbs is amazingly therapeutic. I’ve thought of maybe trying to plant a butterfly garden, but I think my location is still a little too urban for that to happen.

Ah well, TGIF and let’s hope the work day speeds by quickly! :mrgreen:

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