It’s no fun waking up with your stomach feeling like you ate a fully inflated beach ball whole in your sleep and realizing that, even sick, you’ve got to go to the office. I managed to get myself moving, listened to some NPR, got a shower, etc. As I’m getting dressed I turned on the beginning of “My Super Ex-Girlfriend” and I felt a bit better, I decided to slow down my usual morning routine and try to relax somewhat. Then I looked in the mirror and saw that not shaving for one or two days I can get away with, but today I looked like Grizzly friggin’ Adams so took a little more time to do that. I really would love to find a decent electric shaver, but I get too many ingrown hairs from them. Can I get electrolysis for the face on a regular basis, I wonder?

My Super Ex: Cute, but so far I’m glad I didn’t see it in the theater. It may improve when I watch the rest this evening. The effects are good, the acting isn’t too over the top, aside from Eddie Izzard, but he is a super villain… and he’s Eddie.

Sette Osteria: We ate there last night. Not bad, but not great. I need to come up with a way of evaluating specific cuisine restaurants. Like maybe I should just have a plain pasta dish my first time, then a house special the next. I believe part of what I had here didn’t agree with me, but that’s my own fault. When they said crispy shrimp on the menu, I should have asked what that meant. Turns out it was more like an Italian tempura type thing. Much as I love deep frying, that type of oily breading just doesn’t agree with my inner workings.

Panel: Bush Iraq Policy Has Failed: Ok, one for the “duh” file. Audit Shows FEMA Still Squandering Katrina Aid: Make that two for the “duh” file. Did we really need studies, reports and audits to know these two things?

Why the BBC owes me: Best argument I’ve heard for getting my Dr. Who and Torchwood fix early.

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