Lonnie Gordon Flashback

Since cutting the cable (TV, not internet) cord and listening to music a lot more when I get in, I’ve found myself trying to find stations that play classic house and diva dance tracks. Mostly the stuff I listened to when I started going out dancing. Not that today’s dance music isn’t good, but it starts to get pretty formulaic and not in the way that dance music was formulaic in the 90s. Because I admit that it was.

I think I was listening to Clubish Dance Radio when a mix of Lonnie Gordon‘s “Catch You Baby” came on and it was like a time tunnel right back to the dance floor.

So many dance tracks to love, but Lonnie Gordon definitely featured prominently in my clubbing nights and mixtapes. And as I’ve been reading more than my fair share of distressing news stories, she’s getting me through Hump Day until I can head home. :mrgreen:

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