Doctor Who? Bad Wolf? Columbia Heights?!

On my way out to try the Candy Corn Martini, I noticed the following spray painted on the escalator maintenance shelter at Columbia Heights.


BAD WOLF. I’m not sure if this means the universe is still in danger, or that The Doctor will be visiting soon, or what, but I did nearly break my neck trying to get a photo of it.

When you play at slowly walking up a down escalator or vice versa? That’s cute. Trying to actually make progress at that? Yeah, that’s the dangerous bit.

And while it’s not exactly the official BBC TARDIS blue1, it’s is a nice bold blue, which is what I suspect inspired the “Bad Wolf” graffiti. Not that I’d like to imagine any Doctor Who fans engaging in this, it’s still kinda cool to see the tagging out and about in the wild. If only I loved the current season of Doctor Who as much, but that’s a-whole-nother story.

1 Pantone 2955C, in case you needed it.

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