Black Friday: So Excited I Can’t Spell!

About the only ads I see these days are the ones I can’t close or skip. In this morning’s print version of Washington Post Express, I noticed one that where the ad submitter was clearly so excited about their Black Friday deals they forgot to proofread.

Black Friday ad with spelling errors

Gotta love those “Blowout Speacials“! And they get bonus points for “Furnsh“. I know the red squiggly lines are a pain, but sometimes they’re trying to tell you something pretty important.1

I won’t really be partaking in Black Friday shenanigans. I was just discussing it with a co-worker and there’s nothing I really want out there–that I can’t get nearly anytime of the year. One thing about brick & mortar stores losing out to online shopping is that deals are way more prevalent all the time.

Ok, I take that back. I just saw one thing I might want, but it’s silly… and cheap. A Spirograph Deluxe Design Set. It even says “a must-have for young and old alike” and I’m young, so I deserve it, right?

Or not, as some of the reviews aren’t very good. In any case, I’m not stressing over Thanksgiving, having a turkey fried and going out for dinner. I already made a sweet potato cheesecake to snack on over the weekend and the rest of the work week should be nice and easy with most of my clients taking time off.

And yes… I am totally ready to start playing Christmas music. At exactly midnight, Black Friday, The Swanktuary is officially ready for the holiday makeover. Here’s hoping everyone has a fun and safe Thanksgiving. Eat well, drink well, and nap well! :mrgreen:

1 True story, I had a client whose e-mails were riddled with typos and who would never perform a spell-check before hitting “Send”. I asked they didn’t turn on the real-time spell-check. “It was so annoying, everything I typed would have a red underline!” — Yeah.

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