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Black Friday: So Excited I Can’t Spell!

About the only ads I see these days are the ones I can’t close or skip. In this morning’s print version of Washington Post Express, I noticed one that where the ad submitter was clearly so excited about their Black...


ads: bad timing?

I kept noticing this ad for DC Takes On HIV in the Columbia Heights metro station for the past week: When I visit my doctor, I Ask For The Test. It’s not just for me. It’s because I care about...


consumer: $6,800 cables, anyone?

For years, blogs have been railing against overpriced cables, Monster Cable being one of the most frequent offenders, but this one takes the cake. AudioQuest’s K2 Terminated Speaker Cable is currently at Amazon for $6,800 (reduced from $8,450).



Well I’m glad someone finally said it. So far I haven’t bought a single thing, though I am thinking of stuff for myself. I might finally break down and grab myself one of those guitar band type game things. I...


Turning on the Holiday Spigot

[photo by flickr user The Searcher] So when do you get “in the spirit?” I experience an odd inversion to the demands of culture. Each year while they push back holiday sales and commercials and decorations, etc. earlier and earlier,...


Happy Day, you Turkeys!

Debo says Happy Thanksgiving! Well that’s my interpretation, anyway. I thought I might have a “me day” but instead I was up early enough and realized that maybe spending the day on my own might not have been the best...