There was The Wiz before NBC’s The Wiz?!

So… this is an actual thing that happened. This tweet–now deleted–about NBC’s upcoming live version of The Wiz was trying to be clever and completely missed.

Tweet about The Wiz Live: So @nbc show #TheWizLive has an all black cast. There sure would be quite an uproar if it was an all-white cast.

Just shy of an hour later, it looks like someone set him on the right path.

Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you look at it, his apology tweet is getting ripped in replies. He is at least responding to people, even though some of the replies he’s getting are more likely to make him regret saying anything at all rather than pointing out his extreme lack of information, but that’s the internet!

There’s a bigger lesson here of being completely ignorant of one’s privilege especially as it pertains to media and entertainment and never knowing what it’s like to not be represented on screen. So here’s hoping he learned that this week. :mrgreen:

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