Happy Hour Forever?

Waiting for the bus in Mount Pleasant on a day with far too many appointments, I saw that this restaurant had posted an unusual happy hour notice.

Happy Hour Forever?

Because of lingering old laws restricting happy hour, or in some cases just restricting being able to advertise happy hour, I’m used to having no idea when a lot of places have them or if they have any specials. But leaving up an unfinished sign is a new one to me.

The Oatmeal, What I want from a restaurant website, including specials and happy hour information Happy Hour in the DC/MD/VA area is always a bit frustrating to me. I’m currently an earlier-shift worker, so I’m out of the office at 3:30p and on some days looking for those one or two cocktails before settling in for the evening. Most bars happily advertise hours and specials inside their restaurant, but never on their websites or social media pages. And even then, I’ve been places when I know it’s happy hour, but I sit down and am handed a regular lunch or dinner menu and asked what I’d like to drink. I usually pride myself on being a “professional drinker” and as such tend to balk at asking the dreaded “What are your happy hour specials?” or worse “Do you do happy hour here?” But hey, I’ll do what I have to do to get a cocktail at a slightly reduced price! :mrgreen:

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