Rock Creek Snark on “Telework”

Rock Creek Snark nails the idea of “telework” in DC…


Sources report that in anticipation of widespread school closures and unsafe commuting conditions, thousands of workers are currently formulating a wide variety of excuses, schemes, and alternate itineraries to maximize their “productivity.”

DC Employees Prepare for “Telework”

I’m not sure just what we’re expecting in the area, but words like “historic” are being thrown around. I remember the last time we got snowed in and after a day or two of OPM closing offices down or offering unscheduled leave or telework1, I’d usually be ready to come back to work. I enjoy a good snow day, but it doesn’t magically keep work from needing to get done.2

About the only thing I don’t care for are the stories… everyone who “makes it in” will feel the need to tell others over and over how hard it was to get in, or how many roads weren’t treated or plowed. Mostly trying to convey how brave and noble they are for coming into the office when, from the sound of their story, it’s clear that either they really should have stayed home, or that it couldn’t possibly be as bad as they’re saying.

I hope everyone stays safe, enjoys a good snowball fight or perhaps sledding at the Capitol. I’ll likely be home catching up on a bunch of shows I’ve neglected and trying to find out if any of my favorite restaurants are open. I like a snow day, but I like dining out when it’s not super-packed even more. :mrgreen:

1 Back in the day, it was called “liberal” leave.

2 I almost prefer coming in on days when my clients are “teleworking” because a lot less requests come in and I can take care of those lingering tasks I never seem to be able to get to.

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