Cleveland Park, Rainy Sunday

The days I hit up Medium Rare in Cleveland Park for Sunday brunch, I usually get there 15-20 minutes before they open1 and have time to wander around, take a walk, get some exercise, etc. And, of course, take some pictures.

Rainy Sunday in Cleveland Park

This past Sunday, the weather couldn’t quite decide whether it wanted to rain or not — at least not enough for me to bring my umbrella — but it had been on and off in spurts all that morning. And I do love raindrops on plants and flowers.2 Cleveland Park is both cute and photogenic, even on grey and rainy days.

Rainy Sunday in Cleveland Park

We finally seem to have broken the streak of rainy days and might actually get some late Spring-to-Summer like weather soon. Not gonna lie, I am ready for the rain to subside and become a memory. My mini garden is loving the rain, obviously, but I’m over it.

Rainy Sunday in Cleveland Park

I don’t have a mood that is intrinsically linked to the weather, but I have to admit that these rainy days make me think, “I don’t have to go anywhere, don’t need to do anything. I can just lie in bed a little bit longer, take my time getting ready and then just catch up on TV and watch Netflix for a few hours.” Conversely, seeing the sun I’m all, “Let’s leave work early! Let’s go for a walk! Let’s do stuff!!”

Here’s hoping that the clouds have parted wherever you are and it’s sunny and gorgeous. Or at least nice enough to enjoy getting some fresh air. :mrgreen:

1 I’m not an Uber-phile, so I usually walk or have timed the bus just right so I can enjoy my morning exercise, coffee and TV and still get there before they open so I don’t lose out on my favorite seat.

2 Not just roses.

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