Capital Fringe Festival, July 7 – 31, 2016

Capital Fringe Festival
July 7-31, 2016

Hi, I’m Fringe

WASHINGTON — Hi, meet Fringe next week! Filling the city with non-stop theater, dance, music, visual art and everything in-between, Fringe will energize and excite audiences this year.

Capital Fringe Festival - One Man Romeo

One Man Romeo: Darius McCall debuts solo act depicting an emotionally honest Romeo.

What is The Fringe Festival?

Capital Fringe Festival (logo) The Fringe Festival presented, by Capital Fringe, is a 20+ day Festival occurring in July. The annual Capital Fringe Festival creates a city filled with non-stop theatre, dance, music, visual art, and everything in-between. Audiences enjoy non-stop, creative experiences and artists develop their artistic visions in total freedom without any curatorial barriers. Our city is enriched as art takes over neighborhoods, animating the spaces — from traditional theaters, to corner bars, to vacant storefronts.

Capital Fringe Festival: and a Ghost Grrl

and a Ghost Grrl: All about love, loss, music, magick, and a Ghost Grrl.

Hi, I’m Fringe (The Capital Fringe Festival)
July 7-31

Meet Fringe and celebrate D.C.’s creative community with over 130 productions in 20 venues across D.C. Performances range from Shakespeare adaptations to musical theatre and opera. The Logan Fringe Arts Space will be the Festival’s hub with performances and the Fringe Arts Bar. Find our other venues in Trinidad, H Street NE and Downtown DC!

Capital Fringe Festival: 22 Boom!

22 Boom!: 8 actors. 24 plays. 70 minutes – Boom!

Capital Fringe Festival Awards Ceremony
Logan Fringe Arts Space

July 24, 2016 at 8 pm

Come together with audiences and artists to celebrate another successful and entertaining Capital Fringe Festival! At the award ceremony, the Pick of the Fringe Audience Awards and Director’s Award will be presented to extraordinary artists of the Festival. Fringe is also expanding their awards this year to include two new awards given to those making a difference in the D.C. independent art scene: Community Connector and the Medal of Epic-ness.

Capital Fringe Festival: Cake!

Cake!: When everything in the show goes wrong, eat cake.

Fringe Festival Passes

Single tickets are $17 plus a one-time purchase of a $7 Fringe button. Multi-show passes range from $30 to $350. Tickets are on sale now.

Tickets can be purchased through three different methods:

Capital Fringe Festival: 2016 Fringe Buttons

Social Media

Follow all of the Capital Fringe activities on social media with #capfringe16

Twitter: @capitalfringe
Snapchat: Capital Fringe

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