music: Vicar, Tart… or Both?

Darling, being gay is the best excuse you’ll ever have not to be boring!

Absolutely Fabulous, “Gay”

A quote from Edina upon finding out that her son Serge is not only gay, but as “dishwater dull” as her daughter Saffron. I can find no more appropriate sentiment after hearing about this story that proves the strangeness and variety of real life will always triumph over fiction.

Big Mama Capretta and her alter ego Father Vincent Capretta

From The Advocate: Big Mama’s a Closet Priest:

Big Mama Capretta’s hit single is number 25 on the U.S. Billboard Club Play dance chart. But here comes a big surprise–by day, Big Mama is actually a Catholic priest from Columbus, Ohio.

In celebration of Pride Month, Big Mama Capretta has revealed her daytime identity: Vincent Capretta, also known as Father Anthony, a practicing Catholic priest.

Capretta has studied music theory and is a member of the United Reform Catholic Church International. And with the more popular female pop/dance artists just dressing like drag queens, it’s nice to see a proper drag queen* work her way up to a spot on the Billboard charts. Frankly for a while, a lot of diva-led house tracks were mired in singing about “love” but really meaning the love of the Lord, so I don’t see how there’s any conflict between either of his day jobs. 😉

Update: Catholic Online has, for some reason, posted an article to clarify that Vincent Capretta/Father Anthony is not a Roman Catholic priest. Even though neither Capretta nor any posted interviews identify him as such. They are doing so, to set the record straight.**

* That isn’t RuPaul.

** Ha ha! I see what they did there!

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