Hands off my half and half!

Morning coffee vibes…

Can I just enjoy my morning coffee? Can I live?!

Is it ridiculous of me to get annoyed when someone moves my half & half from it’s carefully chosen spot in the shared office fridge? Is it strange that I actually took into account where the highest traffic areas are and used that to decide where I’d put my used-once-daily carton of half & half?

If the answer is yes, I don’t care. If the answer is no, come sit by me.

I mean, our office fridge has had its struggles and more often than not resembled a Lord of the Flies1 style of organization at best. So as someone that didn’t keep food in there, only going once every few weeks to the grocery store across the street and buying cream for my coffee, it was an affront to reach into the same spot I always do and find, a 2-liter bottle wrapped in a plastic grocery bag.

Untitled Even worse, in the spot where they put my half & half, there was plenty of room for their soda.

And can we talk about the fact that nothing used to keep people from eating or drinking your items in the fridge works? We learned this with our roommates in college: not marking your name on it with a Sharpie, not wrapping it up in plastic because you think someone won’t go through the trouble, not even leaving notes threatening apparent eternal damnation.

People. Will. Take. Your. Stuff.

Since it takes too long for me to get through the carton on my own, I don’t mind if people sneak/steal a splash here and there for their own drinks. Just don’t move my half and half. It’s akin to the declaration of a passive aggressive workplace war which you will NOT win.


In any case, enough coffee has passed my lips that I’m settling down and into the work groove now. Nothing to see here, move along. :mrgreen:

1 Or Fyre Festival now, I guess we can say.

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