Hey! Listen! It’s me on Snyder’s Return Podcast!

I had the pleasure of chatting with Adam Powell at Snyder’s Return–a TTRPG podcast–about all manner of things! Mostly related to tabletop gaming, chatting about Rivals of Waterdeep, what it was like to be a first-time DM, and sharing that responsibility with Eugenio.

But we also talked about my time on the internet, from blogging to sharing food & drink photos, my (less-frequent lately) trips out and about in DC and streaming on Twitch. While it’s always nice to talk about TTRPG stuff, it was a nice change of pace for an interviewer to have done a bit of background on me and ask about other things I’ve done.

And I have to say, his introduction for me was simply amazing. The word I was searching for was “honored” but that didn’t happen, and then I really was too embarrassed to ask that we cut and re-do it.

My guest today has worked something of a marvel by turning friends to “Rivals” and back to friends. All for our entertainment.

He cooks up art for the eyes, ears and taste buds, while keeping us informed on what’s happening in the District.

Never idle, unless embodying their role as a champion, they are always keen to help us weather the storm as new DMs.

Like Virgil to our Dante, he is wise, a guide, and a survivor in his own right.

It is an absolute pleasure to welcome TTRPG player, dungeon master, Twitch streamer, and socially unconventional art cultivator of Waterdeep, and beyond… Brian Gray.

For the full interview, use the player below, or head to Snyder’s Return to listen–make sure they get that traffic! But just in case I messed up the code, you can also listen to the audio file directly.

It was a great conversation and it’s kinda cool to think that I’m doing enough stuff & things that people would want to sit down talk to me about them! 💖

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