Wrapping Up My 2022 in a Word Cloud

I’ve said before that I don’t really do the end-of-year introspection posts, but I do keep track of what I do, and 2022 was a pretty good and busy year! I went back and took a look at who all I worked with and decided to go a little old school and make a word cloud (or tag cloud or wordle, what have you) of the Twitter handles I got to share space with, virtually or in-person.

It’s weighted a little bit towards people I spent more time with on-screen. My Rivals of Waterdeep cast mates, some content creators I did repeated events with and the longer running TTRPG series I did: Godplane and Hunger of the Far Realm, but everyone that I could find (and remember) from 2022 is in there.

A word cloud of Twitter usernames in a rainbow color theme against a black background.
A Word Cloud is still a thing, right?

I like having a document, albeit a simple one, that lists what I did, when, with whom and if there were tweets, videos or promotional images made. I haven’t taken the time to turn that into an online resume, but it probably wouldn’t be too difficult, right?

And it is nice to go through each year and see what kinds of things I’ve done, and reflect on whether they were good or fair experiences.

The idea grew out of the above tweet. There’s no way I can tag everyone on Twitter, but I hope people will take a look, see their name, and remember the fun time we had whether it was an interview, a one-shot, a podcast, a panel, a mini-series or long-running actual play!

And as much as I am taking a proper break now, I can’t wait to get back into the swing of things and work with folks again, old names and new! Let’s see what this year brings! 💖

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