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Brunch: The Majestic, Old Town, Alexandria, VA

Brunch at a new place? Yes indeed! I was in Old Town Alexandria this past weekend and took advantage of The Majestic’s new brunch menu. It’s definitely worth the trip. Good cocktails, good food… I’ll be back again.


Alexandria Library Sit-In (1939)

On August 21, 1939, five citizens of the city walked into library and sat at one of its reading tables. Though surrounded by the wisdom of the ages, they were denied access to the thoughts on the shelves around them for a reason as implausible as the color of their skin. For merely being in the room, they were arrested.


Saturday is usually my lazy day!

The plan seemed simple enough, get up and out to see the new G1 phone at a T-Mobile location. James was our navigator, so he determined we should head to Pentagon City. I haven’t been to Pentagon City in ages,...



So ok, the bowling league was worth it after all. We came in 5th place for our 1/2 of the season, so we ended up netting some bucks for it. I can only hope that Mike and I do better...


I’ll be there

I’m not about to say that my new bowling league is tons better than my old bowling league, however the lanes are kept up better which has made a huge difference on my game, in one night I averaged better...


Happy Hunting to me

Well, Shawn took me to a great dinner last night, then we went out to the Hunt Club and met up with Charlie. I didn’t actually drink that much and didn’t even get home that late, but when I tried...



I really really really (3 really’s, I must be serious) have to stop doing things that while I believe they’re for myself are more for or because of others. This is little stuff from Buying a 2nd controller and accessories...