Brunch: The Majestic, Old Town, Alexandria, VA

Brunch at The Majestic - Blackberry Herb Royale Brunch at a new place? What? Yes indeed. As previously noted, I was in Old Town Alexandria this weekend as a friend was having a Memorial Day get together somewhat nearby. I decided to take advantage of that to try someplace new to grab brunch, and we were pleasantly surprised by The Majestic.

I’d last been here 3 years ago with friends to enjoy some Tiki cocktails and I didn’t recall their having a brunch, but it seems that after a recent renovation they’ve given it a spot on the menu. When we asked the server, he gave us a very thorough history of The Majestic and let us know that they’d just started brunch back up over the holiday weekend. It wasn’t too crowded, but I expect that to change pretty soon.

Brunch at The Majestic - Fingerling Hash

Their menu is a nice blend of breakfast and brunch classics with some unexpected sides and starters. There are also salads and sandwiches for those coming in looking for more of a lunch fare. I am happy to say in the hash wars, I’m on their side. Creamy, slightly crispy fingerling potatoes, sliced, not diced or mashed. Ordering hash or hash browns is always such a gamble for me, so these were a nice surprise paired with a classic breakfast of eggs, bacon and toast.

Brunch at The Majestic - Creamy Polenta

Having been raised in the South, I am really picky about grits. I order them, and am often disappointed. Sometimes they can be remedied at the table with salt, butter or cream, but it takes talent to make them, especially en masse. The Majestic got around that issue by providing polenta — an excellent substitute. It’s also topped with cheese making it utterly unassailable. Seriously though, it was delicious. I know I can attribute my post-meal satisfied fullness in part to the polenta.

Brunch at The Majestic - Chunky Monkey Bun

Even though we started with the Chunky Monkey Bun, I had to save it for last. Just look at it. LOOK AT IT. One order was enough to share between two people, but no one could blame you for ordering it by yourself. Cakey, chocolately, cinammony, pull-aparty, perfect… y. (I may have to go beg them for the recipe.)

Overall it ticked all the boxes for my kind of brunch, the redesign of The Majestic is gorgeous, both bar area and dining room. The service was friendly and not overly fawning. The menu items were a good mix and the brunch cocktails plentiful in addition to their regular cocktail menu.

I’ve given myself many excuses not to visit Old Town, mostly due to weather or metro, and while getting out there on the weekends can be a trial — like 45 minutes to an hour sometimes — it’s worth it. I’ll definitely be swinging by The Majestic again soon.

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