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The Week in Review

Sunday: First date. Walked our asses off. Dinner in Chinatown. Thus begun the birthday week. Monday: Actually… nothing of note really happened today. Which is kinda good for a Monday in world. Tuesday: Bowling season started, Everett and I are...


i’m gonna burst!

I’m just back from Rosa Mexicano, the office took me there for my birthday lunch. It was fantastic! Their guacamole should really be marked as an illegally addictive substance. I had wild mushroom quesadillas for my entree and I was...


Thank you!

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes, e-mails, calls, cards and gifts. I had a great time out tonight with Jhim, Everett, Michael, Mike, Mikey, Richard and Fredo. I’m totally exhausted, but it’s all good. I should have taken *tomorrow*...


not too shabby!

First night of bowling on a new league: 175, 140, 140. Not bad, we’ll see if I can maintain that for the season. Now to bed… I’d rather turn older in my sleep.


(birthday) pimpin’ ain’t easy

A few people have asked if I have an Amazon Wish List, in fact, I have 4! Here’s a link to my profile page. Anyone should be able to access them from there, I split up the things I wanted...


No, there is too much. Let me sum up.

Nice lazy Saturday, went for a walk and brunch, took a few pics around the neighborhood, bought some flowers for the apartment and cleaned up the place a bit. Took a really nice nap in the afternoon and got a...


Listening Lounge

B’dayBeyoncéHappy belated Birthday Beyoncé and all that but about the only gifts this album is going to get you are lots of money on sales and fanservice and media exposure and — oh wait.. nevermind. What it won’t get you...


emotional day planner

Last month I sent word around to some people that I haven’t actively* hung out with all summer about an upcoming event, some of which made me feel as if I needed to do some kind of penance to restore...


The Quiet Man

Happy Birthday Bill! My weekend was.. what it was, not feeling like talking about it. But I did have a great time meeting and for dinner downtown at Chef Geoff’s. I didn’t think I’d be good company for it, but...