Happy Devil’s Night

And a very happy birthday to two wonderful friends of mine, Lindsay and Al.

It was a pretty grim weekend for me, though it looked lovely outside. I had migraines all day Saturday and 1/2 of Sunday. I managed to get out for a little while in the late afternoon, but most of the time was spent watching tv and playing games. I managed to churn out 3 levels in City of Heroes which is pretty impressive when it’s in the high 40s. Other than that I got groceries delivered again, which now on my 4th or 5th time is turning out to be nowhere near as convenient as they promise. This time they were late well past the delivery window, there were items missing, items substituted which I specifically said not to, items missing as out of stock and other items missing that they still charged me for. About the only convenience right now is in terms of mass/weight in that I couldn’t have easily carried that amount of stuff back from the store on my own. And a note to customer service reps: a customer only wants to hear “I’m sorry” one time, after that they either want solutions or to know honestly that there are no solutions.

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