I’m expanding!

No, that is not a reference to my waistline, though it just as well could be.

My first foray in the world of web presence was a little page hosted on a free UD school account. It was frames, it was rollovers, it was animated gifs, it was all black backgrounds and white text. I didn’t have any photo layouts or interesting images, everything was text in photoshop using filters and pattern fills. At the time it was actually considered good — what was I thinking? Eventually I read up on how to purchase my own domain and went over a few options and ended up with briancentral.com — the first domain I wanted was taken by another Brian Gray – The Father of the Iron Palm in America. I did it up with flash, a cleaner look and a much gayer look — hey, I am what I am.

I can’t even really recall how urban bohemian came about. I think it may have surfaced from conversations with my friend Al in Rhode Island who’d always tease me that I’m a city girl at heart when I’d say that I wanted to move to the NE. However it happened, the name stuck and lo and behold the domain name was available. I’m sure some of you out there can relate with that fist-pumping elation of getting the domain you want on the first try.

By the time I was looking for a new domain, about the only thing being updated on my old site was my journal, older entries via blogger and the newer ones mirrored from livejournal. Green Web Hosting! This site hosted by DreamHostI’d heard about this new fangled wordpress thing, and Dreamhost let me install it with “one-click” so I was sold, and thus urbanbohemian.com was born.

I found that I missed having other things on my site aside from a blog, so I just created blog.urbanbohemian.com as Dreamhost lets me have unlimited sub-domains (though I’m hearing they’re having some security issues lately?) and pointed it to the same database containing the wordpress install. It looks really rough right now as I have to send over all the files from here and point the install to the new domain, but there will be a little time for that this weekend. So hold onto your RSS feeds and keep an eye out for the “I’ve moved!” message. Most of my items can easily be redirected like the feedburner feed and stuff, and I’m still not sure everything won’t break when I make the swap, but it will put my journal on its own site and leave me urbanbohemian.com to… I don’t know what, exactly, but it’s been ages since I just sat down and put together a site so I think it’s time to dust off the cobwebs and dive in.

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  1. kwsapphire says:

    Yeah, I’m revamping my site too, which at the moment is hosted all on livejournal. I still have my domain, but everything points to LJ.. and with LJ’s recent asshattery I’m seriously considering moving back to my domain.

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