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Baking Watch 2005

I found my sweet potato cheesecake recipe! *evil chuckle*


same time, next year

Well as birthdays go, this one’s been a doozy and it isn’t even a milestone year (I’ll be seeking therapy for those, I’m sure). I had a nice day off yesterday and dinner last night with Jenifer and Michael was...


Fairly non-notable weekend, actually

I’d decided to devote the weekend, or large parts of it, to playing my City of Heroes character Starchilde as she was at level 39 and was long overdue to reach level 40, so I managed to do that… fairly...


It’s a living

Well the weekend passed without too much incident. Went out to Badlands on Friday with Shawn and did the drinkin’ singin’ thing. Saturday saw me making cookies for our picnic movie, Grease, on the NIH lawn. And that was a...