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food: pack it on, it’s Christmas!

Spotted on the front cover of this morning’s Express. Talk about a no-brainer headline, hm? Researchers predict more people will ditch diets for the holidays: Holidays are often associated with parties, goodies and the inevitable weight gain. Studies show Americans...


holiday music: a unicorn in the veldt?

I don’t generally go for holiday music. If I forget to bring in something good, I might resort to a Pandora station based around some jazzy or piano holiday tunes. My usual fallback is Christmas Cocktails 1 and 2, with...


Macy’s: Fabulosity

Loved this window display from the Macy’s in downtown DC. As Kyle said, it’s so clear that a member of our family had a heavy hand in putting this together.


thanksgiving: Oh the humanity!

Had a very nice Thanksgiving with my friend Kyle and his visiting sister at CommonWealth down the street from us. It was my first time going, but it most certainly won’t be my last. Being the UK-phile that I am,...


Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone’s having a wonderful day whether you’re spending it on your own or with friends and family. Cooking traditional dishes or kicking back with the tv and ordering in, doesn’t matter. Just enjoy the time off to relax...


holiday: La Bouche Thursday

As Kyle and I were making our way through glasses of sangria and litres of his unpronounceable heifer-something beer, we declared that night a Bon Jovi Friday, even though it wasn’t really one. However we knew that the next Wednesday...


office: best advice ever

I don’t know about you, but I am really looking forward to the day–hopefully day and a ½–off. I’m not bothering with all the nonsense of travel, but staying in town as in previous years. Like a moron, I also...


Happy Hallo-wings!

First off, these are not as good as Paul’s wings… yet. But as a trial run, these are really yummy! I generally don’t watch Good Eats when it’s on, but I always have plenty of them stacked up on the...