video: Open Source isn’t always a good thing

One thing I do like about the DVR is the ability to catch programs that I guess are clearly aimed at those that don’t need to be up at 5:30 or so in the morning to head to work, like some of the fun 15-minute shows on Adult Swim. I was a total Sealab 2021 addict, though I never got into 70/30’s next project, Frisky Dingo.

They just started producing a spin-off series, The Xtacles, which aired the first two episodes this past weekend. It’s definitely cute, seeming to follow more in the Sealab 2021 tradition of “what did they do in their time off?” It has some nice in-jokes as well, like why it’s a good thing “robo-cop” had a proprietary OS:

[flv:n00b.flv 500 282]

I know it shouldn’t have, but “lame-ass n00b… sir.” totally killed me. It also has Michael Ian Black being hilarious and suggestively profane. I’m sold!

Otherwise, I’m pretending to be a lazy-ass today until I finish my coffee, then I have a bunch of chores lined up. So it’s only a day off for me in spirit, but hopefully I’ll have more clean lines and surfaces around the house when the day is done. This mid-week day off is weird anyway, definitely should have taken yesterday off for the really long weekend.

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