thanksgiving: Oh the humanity!

CommonWealth: Thanksgiving Dinner

Had a very nice Thanksgiving with my friend Kyle and his visiting sister at CommonWealth down the street from us. It was my first time going, but it most certainly won’t be my last. Being the UK-phile that I am, I love a good pub. They had a prix fixe menu for Thanksgiving and everything was delicious, especially the pie! After that we headed back to Kyle’s place to hang around, have some drinks and laughs and watch/snark on the House, M.D. marathon. I also finally met Manuel, Kyle’s cat, and he is adorable though clearly still learning that there are people other than himself and Kyle in the world (and in the apartment).

This morning I’m in the office and so far it’s quiet… a little too quiet. The building is on “weekend lighting” so until they realize that people are coming in today, it’s nearly completely dark aside from our desk lights and the glow from our monitors. And there’s no white noise, low as it is, from the building’s HVAC so it’s like there’s no space between any conversations from various areas on the floor. Sadly I really do have real work to do, so I’m hoping that we get lights soon, otherwise I’ll have to head back home and now that I’m up, there’ll be no napping out for me. Considering the amount of gin I had last night, I should probably look like Death warmed over, but I’m fine.

As an extra Thanksgiving treat for those that aren’t outside trying to score deals in the great name of Commercialism and the spirit of Giftmas, I present the following clip. It’s from WKRP in Cincinnati‘s Thanksgiving episode–named by TV Guide as the 40th greatest in TV history–where a turkey promotion went a little wrong. Ah, the 70s!

Once again, Happy Thanksgiving everyone! And whether you’re sleeping in, shopping ’til you drop or working for the weekend… have a good one. :mrgreen:

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  1. Esprix says:

    Like bags of wet cement! “As God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly.” CLASSIC!

    latest entry: That was some DAMN fine turkey!

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