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video: wikifights

It was bad enough that Palin appeared, on camera, to misspeak a historical fact about Paul Revere that anyone who’s watched School House Rock would know. But even worse was due to the media hubbub after she said it, some...


media: a talking grizzly?

Just a friendly reminder that not every event that you can relate back to yourself–whether via easy or convoluted means–demands a self-serving statement.


quotes: wait, who said that?

This page has been giving me the laughs I’ve sorely needed all day. MightyGodKing has taken some pictures from the recent political campaign and matched the images of a popular everyman with the words of another. I think it works...


Oh yeah, you betcha!

This is the last day before my friend & co-worker Betsy goes out for her maternity leave or some such thing, it sounds made up to me. While she’s out, I’m once again in charge of the team for a...


theater: “Without You, I’m Nothing”

Yeah, I don’t buy that for a second. Justin sent me a message on Saturday to let me know he’d snagged me a ticket to see Sandra Bernhard. Sorta for my birthday, sorta because he knew I’d want to see...


more things I learned from Express

Much love for the following snippet from Disaffected Scanner Jockey: Gentrification is the magic pixie dust of Washington. A few sprinkles, and a Starbucks springs to life. A good shake or two, and you wind up with a trendy gastropub,...


headlines: Oh that’s right. They went there.

After walking down the stairs this morning since our elevators are still not working and getting all shvitzy on the way to the metro, seeing this headline gave me a much needed laugh. Considering the recent controversy/conspiracy–what were they thinking?!...


McCain’s VP/Baby Mama?

This tidbit from friendfeed just made my day — “Wow, cool, so Tina Fey is running for VP!! Awesome!” I have only been tracking the political news via twitter, friendfeed and various IMs from friends so at first I wondered...