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This page has been giving me the laughs I’ve sorely needed all day. MightyGodKing has taken some pictures from the recent political campaign and matched the images of a popular everyman with the words of another. I think it works brilliantly… a little too brilliantly. I’m wondering if Joe could sue Fox for premature character defamation. 😈

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  1. Fredo says:

    That reminds me. Earlier this week, CNN’s Political Ticker tweeted this: “Joe the Plumber: Ban media from war.” Can we ban JtP from the media altogether? I mean really, his 15 mins. were up months ago!

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  2. Gilahi says:

    I’m not sure that premature defamation is something that we should make light of. Many men suffer from this affliction and I don’t think they’d find it funny at all.

    –Emily Litella

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  3. LiLu says:

    Thanks for this. I needed a day-brightener.

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