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one of those days…

It’s been a so-so day, I had a really bad morning. A task that I was in charge of here didn’t come out as well as my usual tasks do. The work was split between 3 people with me coordinating...



diesel sweeties: Pearls of Wisdom from a Porn Star with a Drinking Problem *hee hee… (worksafe, just funny)


Mmmm, presents

This is mostly a thank you post for the gifts I got, normally I’m not good at accepting gifts, because they usually come from my family, who never knows what I want, but will tear me a new one if...


I have mastered The El Paso

Well maybe not mastered, but I woke up still remembering the steps, and that’s pretty good. Jhim took me to dinner for my birthday last night and took me to Remington’s for line dance lessons. Dinner was great at Meyhane,...


Dust? Anybody? No?

The TiVo unit now has a name, in honor of Miss Fat Fighters herself, it is now called Marjorie Dawes. Since it seems to think that it knows what’s best for me to watch regardless of what I told it...


Teh funneh

from What is George Bush’s position on Roe v. Wade?


same time, next year

Well as birthdays go, this one’s been a doozy and it isn’t even a milestone year (I’ll be seeking therapy for those, I’m sure). I had a nice day off yesterday and dinner last night with Jenifer and Michael was...


my cup runneth over

Ok, so it’s my birthday today, yadda yadda yadda. I haven’t turned into a pumpkin, no grey hairs sprouting up and the portrait in my attic remains just fine. I took the day off work and decide to immerse myself...